This registry is intended to provide a record of participation for research subjects who are participants in low risk or minimal intervention research studies utilizing UIHC resources and/or are carried out within UI Health Care facilities/space. Locations include, but are not limited to, Fieldhouse, Medical Education Building(MEB), UI Preventive Intervention Center (PIC), MRI Research Center(MRRF), Westlawn, Bowen Science Building (BSB), Medical Education Research Facility (MERF), and\or Carver Biomedical Research Building (CBRB). The complete policy can be found on here.

In the past, these subjects were mandated to be registered as UIHC patients and "encountered" as per UIHC regulations. Now, enrolling these subjects in this registry will fulfill that requirement. The only exceptions not requiring adherence to either registration in the low risk database or documentation of research activities in the medical record include where subjects are asked to:

  • fill out questionnaires,
  • be interviewed\observed, or
  • provide information to be registered in a data repository

You are required to record a minimum of information, only that is sufficient to verify, in the future, that a subject participated in a specific research study:

Study IRB number

Date of subject registration

PI name

Your name

Subject name, DOB, Gender, and Address (the last is recommended but not required)

For any questions, please contact research-navigator@uiowa.edu.

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