Thank you for your interest in our research study!

We know that some women who have been told they have preeclampsia during pregnancy go on to develop changes in blood vessel function and cognitive performance. We don't know which women who have been diagnosed with preeclampsia will go on to develop changes blood vessel function, why it happens, or how to prevent it. The purpose of this study (PACE) is to try to begin to answer these questions.

Participating in the study involves coming to our lab at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in Iowa City, IA for one 2.5-3-hour visit. At this visit, we will do non-invasive measurements of your blood vessels health, cognitive testing (task-based testing), and ask you to complete questionnaires regarding your health history and your activity level. You will also wear a small, waterproof physical activity monitor on your thigh for 7-days.

You may also be eligible to complete a 1-hour Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan to measure your cerebral blood flow (blood vessel function in your brain).
We may also provide you with a blood pressure cuff that you wear for 24 hours (if you agree to wear the cuff and the equipment is available). You would be provided postage-paid mailers to return the blood pressure cuffs and activity monitor.
We will compensate up to $130 for your time and effort involved in the study.
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