We appreciate your interest in the Peer Support Specialist Training. This training is provided by the University of Iowa's National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice. Funding is provided by the Iowa Department of Human Services through grant #21-013.

The goal of training is to prepare people to become Peer Support Specialists and join the workforce. The first step is filling out this online application. We use this as one tool in our screening process. Take time to give complete answers to the question and please read the following instructions carefully.

Some questions will require a written response. We encourage you to type these in a separate document, then cut, and paste into this online application. If there is a problem with the online application, you will still have your responses.

Allow 30 to 60 minutes to complete the application. The online application will allow you to save your responses and return later. If you do this, you will receive an email with a new link to your saved application. If you need assistance returning to the form, use the contact information below.

We want to make sure our application process provides an equal opportunity for individuals interested in applying for training. If you believe you need a reasonable accommodation to submit an application please email us at IowaPeerSupportTraining@healthcare.uiowa.edu

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